The Best Body Scrub You Can Ever Own

by marygabrielian

Goodbye cellulite, stretch marks, scars, psoriasis, and eczema! You will not be missed. Frank Body Scrub is the most amazing scrub I have ever owned! This scrub is a coffee scrub (roasted and ground arabica coffee beans) and targets those issues and gets rid of them. Now this scrub literally is and smells like coffee. I hate coffee but this scrub leaves my skin SO smooth and cellulite and stretch mark free! I just use a body wash after so I don’t smell like coffee. Don’t worry, it will not stain or clog your shower. To really see results, you will go through two packets of Frank Body Scrub, around 2-3 months. One scrub will last you about a month or so. I use this about 3 times a week. The best thing about this scrub? It’s price! It’s only $14.95. How amazing?! Go online and order them and feel amazing. Summer’s just around the corner!