The Best Beauty Store

by marygabrielian

I finally found a beauty store that has all of the professional hair and makeup products! Frends Beauty, I am so happy I discovered you. From brands like Make Up Forever, Beauty Blender, Sigma, Bare Minerals and much more, I can no longer go to different stores to buy makeup. I walked in and it was like “Ahhhh.” I didn’t know whether to look left or right. The best part was that with my purchase I received a few hair and face cream samples. I have only tried one of the samples, SachaJuan Normal Hair Shampoo, and it is so amazing. It smells so good that it makes me want to just lather the whole bottle on my head, haha. I used the colored hair version of this shampoo when I first did my ombre, and it helped keep my color and not wash it away. I am eager to try the other samples and will be posting a review soon.