All About Extentions!

by marygabrielian

I have finally found the mother of all extentions! I’ve been to a few beauty stores and saw and felt different brands of extentions and NONE of them felt right. After doing some research, I landed on Bellami’s website and all my prayers had been answered. After seeing the extentions in person, I was impressed. It blended with my hair so beautifully and had hints of lighter shades. These extentions are 100% human remy hair and are soo soft and silky and have little shedding! The one I am wearing is the BELLISSIMA 220G 22” DARK BROWN (2) clip-in extentions. I had to cut off about 2 inches because they were a bit too long for me. These extentions come with 10 tracks and I am only wearing 4 tracks and it’s already thick! On the bottom of my head I put the 2 clips on top of the 3 clips. On the middle, I use another 3 clipped track, and on the top of my head I use the 4 clipped track extention. Now while styling, I do use the Protect Mi: Thermal Styling Spray to spray my hair before I curl so the heat does not damage the hair. Ladies these extentions are a must! It’s important to brush your extentions before and after use because they do tangle easily, as all extentions do. Also, shampooing and conditioning the extentions will make them last longer. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and mask conditioner. When finished, leave to airdry and do not brush the hair while wet! Below are pictures of my hair during daylight and one at night using flash. Hope this helped you ladies!

thermal styling spray


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