Something Better Than The Beauty Blender?!

Oh yes. Oh very yes. So a little bit of history with the Beauty Blender and I: I was at a Sephora one day and I had heard a lot of great things about the Beauty Blender and finally gave in and purchased it. After using it a few times, I didn’t really like it or see much of a difference. After watching a few Youtube tutorials, I learned that the key was to use it damp! So after trying that, I did see a better consistency but still wasn’t really impressed. Also after a while, I noticed that in the sponge, there were little black dots that kind of looked like dirt. Trashhhh it goes! After that, I decided to try out the Real Techniques Beauty Sponge after hearing great things about it, and wow!! I am in loveeee! I’ve used it many many times and even after cleaning it, it still keeps its shape and does not rip. I cannot explain to you how much better my foundation and contour look. This sponge blends everything so perfectly and seamlessly and also picks up any excess cake 😉 This miracle sponge leaves me with a natural, dewy look which lasts me all day! Below I’ve listed some steps for you to also achieve this look!

 Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

How To Use A Beauty Sponge

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